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Anatomy trains. Myers T.W.


4th ed. — Elsevier, 2021. — 381 p.           3rd ed. — Elsevier, 2013. — 380 p.

Get a multi-dimensional understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy with Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual Therapists & Movement Professionals, 4th Edition. This hugely successful, one-of-a-kind title continues to center on the application of anatomy trains across a variety of clinical assessment and treatment approaches ― demonstrating how painful problems in one area of the body can be linked to a "silent area" away from the problem, and ultimately giving rise to new treatment strategies. This edition has been fully updated with the latest evidence-based research and includes new coverage of anatomy trains in motion using Pilates-evolved movement, anatomy trains in horses and dogs, and the updated fascial compendium on elements, properties, neurology, and origins of the fascial system. It also offers a new, larger library of videos, including animations and webinars with the author. In all, this unique exploration of the role of fascial in healthy movement and postural distortion is an essential read for physical therapists, massage therapists, craniosacral therapists, yoga instructors, osteopathologists, manual therapists, athletic and personal trainers, dance instructors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and any professional working in the field of movement.



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Preface, vi
Preface to the First Edition, vii
Acknowledgments, ix
How to Use This Book, xi
Videos, xii
1 Laying the Railbed, 1
2 The Rules of the Road, 19
3 The Superficial Back Line, 29
4 The Superficial Front Line, 53
5 The Lateral Line, 73
6 The Spiral Line, 93
7 The Arm Lines, 113
8 The Functional Lines, 137
9 The Deep Front Line, 147
10 Anatomy Trains in Movement, 175
With contributions by James Earls and Karin Gurtner
11 Body Reading® - Structural Analysis, 219
Appendix 1 A Fascial Reader, 245
Appendix 2 A Note on the Meridians of Latitude: The Work of Dr Louis Schultz (1927-2007), 323
Appendix 3 Structural Integration, 327
Appendix 4 Myofascial Meridians and Asian Medicine, 339
Appendix 5 Anatomy Trains in Quadrupeds - Initial Investigations, 347
By Rikke Schultz, Tove Due and Vibeke Elbmnd
Anatomy Trains Terms, 355
Bibliography, el Index, 357

Since initial publication in 2001, the reach and application of the ideas in this book have far outstripped this author's expectations. We and our faculty have been invited to present these ideas and their application on every continent save Antarctica to a wide variety of professionals, including orthopedists, physiatrists, orofacial surgeons, physiotherapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, osteopaths, psychologists, athletic and personal trainers, performance coaches, midwives, yoga teachers, martial artists, massage therapists, dancers, musicians, and somatic educators of all stripes. The book is now available in 15 languages. A simple Google search of Anatomy Trains now yields over 13 million hits, as therapists and educators find useful applications beyond our original conception.
This fourth edition includes many small updates and corrections that arose out of our continuing teaching and practice, as well as preliminary evidence from fascial dissections and the few available studies in myofascial force transmission beyond muscles' origin and insertion. We have been able to include some recent discoveries made in the fascial and myofascial world since the third edition, as well as to fill in areas where our initial ignorance of the wider world has been rectified.

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