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Head First C#. Stellman A., Greene J.

3rd Edition. — O'Reilly Media, 2013. — 948 p. 

Head First C# is a complete learning experience for learning how to program with C#, XAML, the .NET Framework, and Visual Studio. Fun and highly visual, this introduction to C# is designed to keep you engaged and entertained from first page to last.



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Russian language:   Изучаем C#. Стиллмен Э., Грин Дж. (2014, 3-е изд, 816с.)




Table of Contents
Intro xxxi
1 Start building with C#: Building something cool, fast! 1
2 It's All Just Code: Under the hood 53
3 Objects: Get Oriented: Making code make seme 101
4 Types and References: It's 10:00. Do you know where your data is? 141
C# Lab 1: A Day at the races 187
5 Encapsulation: Keep your privates.. .private 197
6 Inheritance: Your object's family tree 237
7 Interfaces and abstract classes: Making classes keep their promises 293
8 Enums and collections: Storing lots of data 351
9 Reading and Writing Files: Save the last byte for me! 409
С # Lab 2: The Quest 465
10 Designing Windows Store Apps with XAML: Taking your apps to the next level 487
11 XAML, File, I/O, and Data Contract Serialization: Writing files right 535
12 Exception Handling: Putting out fires gets old 569
13 Captain Amazing: The Death of the Object 611
14 Querying Data and Building Apps with LrNOj Get control of your data 649
15 Events and Delegates: What your code does when you're not looking 701
16 Architecting Apps with the MVVM Pattern:
Great apps on the inside and outside 14:Ъ
C# Lab 3: Invaders 807
17 Bonus Project! Build a Windows Phone app 831
Leftovers: The top 11 things we wanted to include in this hook 845

Want to build great apps really fast?
With C#, you've got a great programming language and a valuable tool at your fingertips. With the Visual Studio IDE, you'll never have to spend hours writing obscure code to get a button working again. Even better, you'll be able to build really cool software, rather than remembering which bit of code was for the name of a button, and which one was for its label. Sound appealing? Turn the page, and let's get programming.
You're a programmer, not just an IDE user.
You can get a lot of work done using the IDE. But there's only so far it can take you. Sure, there are a lot of repetitive tasks that you do when you build an application. And the IDE is great at doing those things for you. But working with the IDE is only the beginning. You can get your programs to do so much more—and writing C# code is how you do it. Once you get the hang of coding, there's nothing your programs can't do.


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