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English on Economics. Английский язык для экономистов. Шевелева С.А.

2-е изд., перераб. и доп. - М.: 2012 - 415 с.

Учебное пособие предназначено для студентов, обучающихся по экономическим специальностям, владеющих английским языком в объеме средней школы и продолжающих изучение языка в вузе. В новом издании значительно расширены экономические темы и экономическая лексика. Текстовая часть пособия — это газетные и журнальные статьи, аннотации зарубежных учебников по экономике, деловые письма, лекции и выступления. В новое издание включены грамматика и закрепление грамматических правил, фонетические упражнения. Лексические и речевые упражнения ориентированы на написание кратких эссе по темам, обсуждение тем, переводы. Пособие может быть также полезно широкому кругу лиц, изучающих экономику и английский язык. (1-е изд. — ЮНИТИ, 1998)


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Размер:  6,9 Мб

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Lesson 1. You are a student of economics
Conversation: Teacher and students
Texts: Adam Smith
Economics reading room
Annotations: Economics of Networks Industries
Entertainment Industry Economics
Grammar Revision: The Present Indefinite Tense
The Past Indefinite Tense
The Active and the Passive Voice
Word formation: Suffixes of nouns
Lesson 2. Economics and economy \9_
Conversation: Teacher and students
Texts: Microeconomics and macroeconomics
Annotation: Topics in microeconomics
Newspaper items: UK GDP
Asian consumers upbeat on economic prospects
Grammar Revision: The Future Indefinite Tense
Word formation: Prefixes of nouns
Lesson 3. Sales and products 35
Newspaper items: The Times pulls even further ahead
Green shoppers are growing in number Record industry turns fire on individual piracy
Conversation: Teacher and students
Texts: Retailers and wholesalers
Product life cycle
Grammar Revision: The Present Perfect Tense
The Present Continuous Tense Articles
Word formation: Conversion
Lesson 4. People and economy 52^
Dialogue: A stockbroker
Annotation: Economics and Culture
Texts: The economy
Economic activity and business cycle
Economic man
Newspaper item: Eurozone economic growth to slow in second half
Grammar Revision: The Past Perfect Tense
Modal Verbs
The Past Continuous Tense
Word formation: Suffixes of adjectives
Lesson 5. Markets and production 71
Dialogue: Selling cars
Newspaper items: Toyota profits boosted by weak yen and strong sales
In the industry biosphere, only the strongest survive
H & M market conditions improving
Text: Market schema
Annotation: From Silicon Valley to Singapore
Grammar: Participle I
The Rules of the Sequence of Tenses
Word formation: Prefixes of adjectives
Lesson 6. Prices and money 93^
Lecture: Price elasticity
Text: Price support
Newspaper items: N Korea forced to lift food prices sharply
Renewed fund buying pushes gold higher
Business letter: Regretting price increase
Annotation: Bimetallism
Grammar: The Gerund
General negative questions
if-, H>Ae;i-clauses
The Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Word formation: Suffixes and prefixes of verbs
Lesson 7. Types of economies 114
Interview: Economies and manufacturing
Texts: Allocation of products and resources
Public and private sectors in the UK
Newspaper items: UK may move to save British Energy
Bush vows to 'do what it takes' for economy
Annotation: Between Politics and Markets
Grammar: Participle II
many — much; few, a few — little, a little
Equivalents of modal verbs
Word formation: Compounds
Lesson 8. The transitional economy 136
Dialogue: About a lecture on Hungary
Text: The Russian Federation
Annotations: The Vanishing Rouble
Building capitalism
The New Russia
Newspaper items: Privatisation in doubt
Russians moot Murmansk oil export terminal
Brussels aid for Yugoslavia
Grammar: The Infinitive
The Adverb
The degrees of comparison
Lesson 9. Production 160
Speech: The quality of the goods produced
Text: Production function
Figure: Location of production
Business letter: Industrial and office accommodation
Newspaper item: MIM Holdings to boost coal production
Text: Production possibility boundary
Grammar Revision: Object clauses
Attributive clauses
The pronoun one
Lesson 10. Companies 182
Dialogue: A job interview
Business letter: Offering an agency
Text: An Apple a day
Newspaper items: IKEA founder ends uncertainty by saying sons will
take over
Companies 'bigger than many nations'
Annotation: The Entrepreneurship Dinamics
Grammar: The Absolute Participial Construction
The word other
The word which
Lesson 11. People and labour 207
Conversation: Labour conditions
Texts: The sources of economic health
Thomas Maltus
Labour market
Annotations: Work, Employment and Society
The American Workplace
Grammar Revision: Indefinite Pronouns and Adverbs
The Complex Object
Lesson 12. Demand and supply 230
Lecture: Equilibrium, shortage and excess
Texts: The discoverers of the laws
Demand and supply curves
John Maynard Keynes
Newspaper items: US to list exempted products next week
Mini helps lift BMW earnings
Grammar Revision: Subject clauses
Clauses of reason
Possessive Case of nouns
Lesson 13. Monopolies, markets and competition 253
Interview: McDonalds may face fierce competition
Texts: Monopolies in the UK
Monopolistic competition
Annotation: Market Structure and Competition
Newspaper items: World Cup gives Adidas a kick start
Israel diamond market counts cost
of conflict
Grammar Revision: Indirect Speech
Lesson 14. Newspapers, profits and prosperity 278
Texts: Newspaper headlines
Radio report: From the spot
Newspaper items: Volvo earnings rise
Hair cosmetics help increase Henkel profits
Profit maximisation
Grammar: The Complex Subject
Modals and Perfect Infinitives
Lesson 15. Capital, loans, credits 304
Text: The terms
Dialogue: A syndicated loan
Business letter: Request for a loan without security
Annotation: The Political Economy of Capital Controls
Newspaper items: Ford succeeds in defusing credit unit time bomb
China's regulators announce rules to tackle capital
Use of English: The press and media
Lesson 16. Investments 329
Dialogue: Negotiating an investment
Business letter: Personal investment
Text: Investment
Newspaper items: Mobius extends his influence in Moscow
Investors still drawn to India Global investment bank seeking banking licence
Use of English: US English
Lesson 17. Stock market 350
Texts: UK markets in securities
Share price indices
Radio report: On the stock markets
Newspaper items: Nikkei drops below 9,500 after S&P's credit warning
Sell-off leaves Footsie in red Swiss peaks need reconquering
Use of English: Abbreviations
Lesson 18. Commodity markets 366
Radio report: On the commodity market
Text: Spot market and quotations
Newspaper items: Gold imports to Japan show sharp increase
Comments from OPEC help lift futures prices
Use of English: Idioms and fixed expressions — general
Lesson 19. Foreign exchange markets and currencies 376
Text: Market and rates
Radio report: From the currency markets
Newspaper item: The stronger euro today
Annotation: Monetary Policy in the Euro Area
Use of English: Idioms connected with problematic situations
Lesson 20. Government and budget 387
Speech: The role of government
Text: UK government budget
Newspaper items: Scepticism over Bush view on US deficit
Battles ahead over French budget
Use of English: Proverbs
Key to some exercises 393
Russian-English vocabulary of economic terms 394

Учебное пособие «English on Economics» предназначено для студентов экономических вузов и факультетов. В книге представлены следующие темы: «Экономика как наука», «Экономика и экономисты», «Рынки и производство», «Спрос и предложение», «Рынок труда», «Государственный бюджет», «Деньги и цены», «Капиталовложения и инвестиции», «Типы компаний», «Прибыль», «Налоги», «Биржи и рынки» и др.


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